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Anti This
Anti This
Popular in Liquid incense form, for its variety of uses.

This blend is great for clearing the home of any unwanted toxins. There are 3 options for this blend
  1. Roll On. This option will give you a roll on bottle for application to the skin, in a base of jojoba oil for maximum scent and longevity of the blend. This can then be applied anywhere on the body, such as the temples, or under the ears, at the wrists, under the nose, on the chest ect.
  2. Nasal Inhalor. This option allows for easier use during travel, as simply inhaling will achieve the desired effects
  3. Undiluted. This option comes with some caution. Undiluted essential oils should never be applied to the skin without dilution first, whether that be by carrier oil or water base. Undiluted options work well when diluting a carrier to eliminate the oil base, as in the case for cleaning and dread care. Please use caution when using this product, and flush if any gets on the skin. If necessary, call poison control if it gets into your eyes or any gets swallowed. Harm can come to kids and pets if they get into undiluted essential oils, please keep away from them.

Product Code: BL_ANTI

anti size:



Very green scent and slightly medicinal, helps to clear the senses. Deodorises and disinfects the environment. Helpful in boosting the immune system to prevent and deal with symptoms of illness. Eases the pains of headaches and migraines.

  • Ingredients;Essential oils of tea tree, thyme, lavender, eucalyptus.
    Roll Ons contain jojoba oil and
    Incense containers contain Olive oil
    Undiluted would only contain the essential oils blended together, but be aware: CAUTION must be used when working with pure essential oils. They are concentrated and therefore post skin irritation risks, even so much as burns, rashes and other problems. If undiluted essential oil gets on skin or in eyes, flush with pure water immediately, and call poison control if swallowed.
    Undiluted blends are great if you are making things yourself and want to add a scent to it, but don't want the filler ingredients that dilute it for skin use. An example of this would be to add this blend to vinegar as a
    household cleaner.

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