Rosaleen Dawn Bellchamber

At the Spirits of the Earth Festival, I also procured some of Kimi Bois's "Bug Away Spray" and it was amazing! Not a single bug bite all week (or since), which is quite a feat - because I am delicious!! And totally non-toxic too!

From my friend Kimi Bois, who makes all manner of bodily supplies which are free of toxic ingredients. I paid only $5 for a large spray bottle full, and it's great! If you like, I can get in touch with her easily. She's quite gifted and her prices are very good!

Elizabeth Blake

Seriously - this stuff works! Love love love ANTI-this cream - goes on EVERYTHING! Energy spray? Have been secretly spraying it @ work - it has really improved people's moods. Entice? Might as well change the name to Sex in a bottle!! It's dangerous! And yes, I have changed how I feel about lavender, I didn't realize I was using it in my all natural SHAMPOO!!! You are awesome Kimi! & so are your products!

Klara Szigethy

‎Kimi Bois, I must say. Since I have bought your Healing Oil and I not one to praise, if I have to. I LOVE IT. Keep up, making this product. Cause I know your it going to do well. I will spread the word. Also love the new bottles. TY Kimi :)

Glenda Lee Weston I agree...Kimi your Healing Oil, Anti-This and Sunscreen are awesome!!They are all items that work!!


Dear Kim

I wanted to send you this letter to tell you just how happy I am with your product. I was in a car

accident in 1990 and the Doctors did tests but it wasn’t until 2 years after the accident that they found a

pinched nerve in my hip and shoulder. I have had to live with this pain for over 21 years and had to use

strong pain killer medication to relieve the pain. I purchased your Healing Massage oil several weeks ago

and have been applying it once in the morning and once before bed. I have had great results from this

product for weeks now. I now have very little pain to no pain for the first time is several years. I have

told several friends about your products and some have purchased your other products. I also have used

anti-this when I got a cold and with in two days the cold was gone and I could breathe.

Mary Pritchard


Kimi I wanted to tell you thanks. You make amazing products. The face spray has cleared my face up almost all gone and my daughter it has cleaned up her pre puberty forehead. and we used the healing massage oil on a burn. Well it is 100 percent better and it didn't even blister

Shawna Wood-McLean


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