Gypsy Scents is committed to providing natural based aromatherapy products. The base ingredients are well researched to bring you optimal performance while committing to staying synthetic free and offering a full compliment of products for all your needs
Blending essential oils to create unique and varied scents are one of Kimi's favourite things to do, and researching what base to put that in is just as much fun for her. Consequently this means that there is always a new product in the works.

The beautiful colours of fall have arrived! Enjoy the cooler weather with some spicy scents, some warmth in the tub with bath fizzies or soaks. Even mix and match your favourite products into a gift basket!

Bath Fizzy Mini's
Our Price: $0.75
Fizzies mini enough to use as a singly. Available in a variety of scents. cleanses and moisturises the face, leave it clean and smooth
Lip Balm
Our Price: $4.00
Green and medicinal, this blend is great for clearing out toxins. Helpful with headaches and migraines as well, has a soothing quality that calms the senses. Increases body's effectiveness in eliminating infections. Soothing and moisturising lip balm in 4 flavours
100% essential oil of lavender. soothing and calming A creamy hand and body cream sure to leave your skin feeling like silk while leaving behind a smooth and delicious scent.

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