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Got some tangled and mangled hair? Brushing is difficult, or your hair is missing some shine?

This hair detangler works wonders at helping to de-tangle and re energize hair to leave it clean, tangle-free, shiny and easy to manage.

Available in 3 different scents for $11 each in a 4 oz cobalt blue glass spray bottle; or $18 each in a 16 oz cobalt blue glass spray bottle.

Green Love which is green smelling and helpful in deterring lice, with immune boosting qualities containing tea tree, rosemary and lavender

Crowning Glory from the Crown Chakra blend, a warm and soothing scent with a mix of lavender and frankincense.

Pan, a warm and woodsy smell with strong notes of Patchouli in a bed of juniper berry, oakmoss and cedar.

if you have a special smell you'd rather have, send a message, custom orders are always welcome!

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Hair Detangler

Helps to remove tangles from hair while increasing softness and shine

Other blended scents or single essential oils can be chosen through special order. If you are interested, send me a message!