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This blend is great for a variety of uses, including but not limited to helping soothe during times of stress, soothing skin from skin irritation and burns etc. There are 3 options for this blend
  1. Roll On. This option will give you a roll on bottle for application to the skin, in a base of jojoba oil for maximum scent and longevity of the blend. 10ml $12
  2. Undiluted. This option comes with some caution. Undiluted lavender essential oil should never be put in open wounds, or eyes, and not in mucus membranes either. Undiluted options work well when diluting a carrier to eliminate the oil base, as in the case for cleaning and dread care. Please use caution when using this product, and flush if any gets on the skin. If necessary, call poison control if it gets into your eyes or any gets swallowed. Harm can come to kids and pets if they get into undiluted essential oils, please keep away from them. This essential oil is safer than others for use, including on children, but should never be handled by them.
Undiluted 5ml $8 10ml $12

Product Code: EO_LAV



100% essential oil of lavender. soothing and calming. Safe to use undiluted on the skin, in low doses. Great for soothing burns and mild pain relieving qualities.

Available as a Roll On Personal Scent in a base of jojoba oil.

  • Ingredients: essential oil of Lavender

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