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Edible Massage Oil
With a mixture of oils chosen for their quick and easy to soak in quality, these massage oils soak in and get right to work. Great for pain management of varying levels.

Please note; as a result of overharvesting the Sandalwood tree in order to obtain the essential oil, it has become endangered. Therefore the Healing massage oil, that contains sandalwood essential oils in its ingredients, has been discontinued. Please find that the Gorilla Lemon and Spider Venom were created to help in its place

For those looking for the Lemon Sore Muscle Rub, please know that it has been renamed Gorilla Lemon, same great ingredients, now a better name!

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Fir Me Aches Massage Oil Gorilla Lemon Massage Oil Spider Venom Massage Oil
Soothing for short term pain relief.
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For warm lingering pain relief with lemongrass
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Soothing numbness for chronic pain relief.
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  • Test product on a patch of skin away from the main torso before using to ensure no reaction occurs.
  • This product is not intended to cure any illness, if you have any concerns, please talk to your health care provider or registered aromatherapist.