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All deodorants are made with basic and natural ingredients, making it paraben and aluminium free. There All 2 different types of Natural Deodorant. One is cream based, and the other is vegan and water based.
The cream based also works great to prevent chaffing, and both lasts ALL day!

As we need to perspire in order to regulate our heat, these deodorants are made to help with Body Odour and impart an enjoyable scent with sweat. For those prone to excessive sweating, send me a message, and a special order can be arranged.

All liquid deodorants come in two sizes as well as applicator options. The larger one is a 4 oz clear spray bottle and the smaller is 1 oz in a roll on applicator style.
Scents Available include;

Pan - Patchouli based, with a faint woodsy smell, MOST popular!

Joy- Enjoy the soothing scent of lavender mixed with a fruity undertone of Litsea Cubeba, truely a joy to smell.

Sandalwood- warm and soothing (cream based stick only)

Lavender- soothing scent of lavender, great for skin irritation

Citrus Burst- a burst of citrus in every smell! Blended notes of grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, mandarin and more!

Barely-just the basics, no essential oils added. (cream based stick only)

Warm Citrus- warm Sandalwood mixed with citrusy Orange (liquid deodorant only)

Lavender Vanilla - sooth lavender with warm vanilla (liquid deodorant only)

on occasion, Energy and Jasmine can be found.......special order only

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Cream based underarm deodorant. Available in 6 scents. Liquid based underarm deodorant. Available in 6 scents.
Custom Orders available upon request. If you don't see what you arel looking for, send me a message!