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Tooth Powders: Fluoride free, naturally sweetened, and leaves teeth feeling clean and fresh all day long. It also does not distort the taste of foods or drinks, including coffee and orange juice. Also helps to whiten teeth.

  • contains no harsh abrasives
  • no synthetic sweeteners, using the natural sweetening agent in xylitol, a natural derivative of the birch tree
  • contains no sls, fluoride or propylene glycol
  • gluten free, vegan
  • reduces tartar buildup
  • promotes healthy gums
  • helps reduce dry mouth
  • clay base reduces toxic and metal buildup in the mouth.

Mouth Wash; no alcohol and naturally sweetened
  • contains no alcohols to sting the mouth
  • ingredients are chosen for optimal mouth health, the gums, teeth, and tongue
  • fire and ice; cinnamon and peppermint
  • Orange; delicious citrus burst

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Tooth Powder

A burst of natural flavour, choose from 8 flavour choices!

Our Price: $4.00