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Using a mixture of essential oils specific to eliminating bacteria growth, these products will aid in every manner of cleaning the home. The blend most popular is Anti This, as it has properties to deal with any type of bacteria and mold and mildew growth. This translates as an amazing all purpose household cleaner that is safe to use on every surface in every room. It even cleans windows!

Also included in this category is Smudge Spray, which has the ability to help clear and cleanse a room, with similar properties as Anti This, though more specific towards energetic toxins. This blend has a fresh green scent with notes of evergreen.

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Smudge Spray
Our Price: $6.10
Toilet Bomb
Our Price: $7.00
Green and medicinal, this blend is great for clearing out toxins. Helpful with headaches and migraines as well, has a soothing quality that calms the senses. Increases body's effectiveness in eliminating infections. Fresh light green scent refreshes any room Great way to clean the bowl of your toilet. Safe and effective.
If a different blend of essential oils are desired, send me a message!