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Chakras are energetic vortex's, and each connects to a general area of the body as well as areas of mental, emotional and spiritual connections with that area of the body.

ROOT- grounding, protecting, lower body parts, sense of basic self and survival, red
SACRAL- emotions and sexuality, pelvic area and lower stomach, seat of feminine power, orange
SOLAR PLEXUS- determination, will, drive, mid to upper torso, seat of masculine power, yellow
HEART- sense of love, to be loved as well as to love, heart and shoulders, upper back, green
THROAT- communication, expression, throat and lower jaw, teeth, turquoise
BROW/ 3RD EYE- intuition, awareness, 6th sense, upper part of the face, lower forehead
CROWN- connection with divine, top of head, purple or white.

There are 2 options for each blend. Roller Top and Nasal Inhaler

The Roller Top is a blend of essential oils in a base of jojoba oil, it works great as a carry on personal scent. Known as a cologne or perfume.

The nasal inhaler is essential oils in a white inhaler tube.


Do not ingest

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Root Sacral Solar Plexus
survival, foundation, basic needs emotions and feelings, self-esteem emotions and feelings, self-esteem
Heart Throat Brow
love, of self and others communication and expression Intuition and awareness
Crown Chakra Kit
Chakra Kit
Our Price: $13.00
Connection with the divine, cosmic energies Contains 1ml vial of each chakra, indivdually packaged with information on the blend, how to use it and where to apply.