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Chakras are energetic vortex's, and each connects to a general area of the body as well as areas of mental, emotional and spiritual connections with that area of the body.

ROOT- grounding, protecting, lower body parts, sense of basic self and survival, red
SACRAL- emotions and sexuality, pelvic area and lower stomach, seat of feminine power, orange
SOLAR PLEXUS- determination, will, drive, mid to upper torso, seat of masculine power, yellow
HEART- sense of love, to be loved as well as to love, heart and shoulders, upper back, green
THROAT- communication, expression, throat and lower jaw, teeth, turquoise
BROW/ 3RD EYE- intuition, awareness, 6th sense, upper part of the face, lower forehead
CROWN- connection with divine, top of head, purple or white.

There are 3 options for each blend.

1. Chakra kit of all 7 blends in a 2ml roll on bottle in a base of jojoba oil
2. Chakra kit of all 7 blends pure and undiluted in a dropper top bottle.

3.Individual purchase in 10ml roll on with a base of jojoba oil. contact me if you want this now.


Do not ingest

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Root Sacral Solar Plexus
survival, foundation, basic needs emotions and feelings, self-esteem emotions and feelings, self-esteem
Heart Throat Brow
love, of self and others communication and expression Intuition and awareness
Crown Chakra Kit Seeing Eye
Chakra Kit
Our Price: $13.00
Seeing Eye
Our Price: $15.50
Connection with the divine, cosmic energies Contains 1ml vial of each chakra, indivdually packaged with information on the blend, how to use it and where to apply. click here to add to bag