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Green blends give of a faint to strong medicinal scent, usually because of a menthol type scent found in many of these oils. These scents will feel a little sharp, in a sense wakening the mind and creating a sharpers sense of alertness in both the mind and the body. Many blends have clearing qualities and therefore are good for clearing the mind, the body and the home of unwanted energies and sickness.

There are 2 options for each blend. Roller Top and Liquid Incense.

The Roller Top is a blend of essential oils in a base of jojoba oil, it works great as a carry on personal scent. Known as a cologne or perfume.

The liquid incense is essential oils in an olive oil base, packaged in cobalt dropper top bottles.

A great way to scent the home! No ashes to deal with, and it releases its scent into wide areas of space. Liquid Incense dropper tops can be used in many different styles of diffusers, such as candle diffusers, or plug-in home and car diffusers, this product also works well with reed diffusers and plug in warmers.
Other great ways to use this are;
  • adding 5-20 drops to the bath and soaking for 20-45 minutes
  • adding a few drops to a damp cloth and tossing it in the dryer to scent your clothes
  • adding a few drops to a vacuum cleaner or to a base of baking soda for a refreshing carpet scent
  • can be applied to small areas of skin for personal scent.
Do not apply to areas of the body with mucus membranes or open cuts or wounds
As with any oil based product, it will stain cloth
Never leave a candle unattended
Do not ingest

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Green and medicinal, this blend is great for clearing out toxins. Helpful with headaches and migraines as well, has a soothing quality that calms the senses. Increases body's effectiveness in eliminating infections. Sharp green scent to encourage enhancement of memory and concentration levels.