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This dread spray was designed to help with many concerns of dreads, both real and extension based. This product will help reduce the possibility of dread rot, as well as leave loc's clean smelling and feeling, while at the same time encouraging stray hair to tighten into dreads. This is achieved by soaking himalayan sea salt in water and using that to spray onto hair. The salts have the added benefit of having its own collection of minerals and trace nutrients as well, improving the health of our hair and scalp, as well as reducing instances of dry and damaged hair.

The current blend available for this product is Lemon Bliss. The lemon bliss scent gives off a very fresh smelling scent with just a hint of lemongrass.

In Special Order, this product can be made with a variety of choices. Most popular among them is Patchouli and our newest blend Green Love.

Patchouli has properties in it that help deal with smells and residue while leaving that most familiar smell in its wake, though mildly enough not to overpower.

Green Love. the name says it all. This blend is fantastic for loc's, with ingredients like tea tree, lavender and rosemary.

If you wish a different blend than those that are offered, send me a message!

This product would also be a great blended with our hair rinse, (COMING SOON) which is great for all types of hair.

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Feel the burst of freshness as you cover your locks in this loc tightening spray. Himalayan Sea salt helps tighten loc's while sharing all the minerals and trace elements it holds in. Choose your scent, or leave it unscented!
Custom blended scents are available in dread spray, however, to reduce the chance of oil buildup in hair, precious essential oils are not offered at this time