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Seasonal Products are easily available for sale during the season listed, but can be special ordered during off season months.

Winter Care are products and blends focused on the fall and winter months, and include products like bath salts, creams, lip balms, and others

Summer Care are products and blends focused on the warmer months, and include such products as sunblock and insect repellent, sunburn care and skin toners.

Below find Featured Products For The Winter Months

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Moisturising and replenishing bath salts in a variety of scents. Green and medicinal, this blend is great for clearing out toxins. Helpful with headaches and migraines as well, has a soothing quality that calms the senses. Increases body's effectiveness in eliminating infections. Soothe tension and anxiety and release negative energy with this citrus and chypre mix.
Bath Fizzy Mini's
Our Price: $0.75
A vegan creamy hand and body lotion sure to leave your skin feeling like silk while leaving behind a smooth and delicious scent. 6 scent options long lasting protection from the damaging effects of the sun and insects! Fizzies mini enough to use as a singly. Available in a variety of scents.
Lip Balm
Our Price: $4.00
After Sun Spray
Our Price: $6.00
Itch Be Gone
Our Price: $6.00
Soothing and moisturising lip balm in 5 flavours Spritz the air and feel the cool refreshing blend wash over you Dab a bit on a bite and feel the relief. Let it soak into the skin naturally and the relief will come. Great for all bug bites, as well as any itchiness that isn't too dry.
Rejuvenate Cream Stick
Our Price: $8.40
Rejuvenating skin cream for all manner of skin care.
These products are primarily used during the colder months, but have their benefits all year round.